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Thanks, Terry!

After yesterday’s season ending 11-0 loss versus the Phillies (in reality, the season ended for the Mets in May, but the regular season came to a close yesterday) Terry Collins addressed the media for the final time, saying “It’s been a blast, but it’s time to go”. Terry Collins, since

The Mets Ownership is Pulling a Cheap Trick……

I don’t usually talk about ownership here on MetsPlus, but after watching the drama over Terry Collins impending departure, I feel like I have to at least share my thoughts, even if it’s not pro-Mets in the least. First, as I’ve stated many times to Twitter, I’m not a huge Terry Collins

Is There any Scenario Where Terry Collins Should Stay in 2018?

Yesterday, Baseball analyst Jon Heyman wrote an article on the Fan Rag Sports Blog entitled “The Tea Leaves Don’t Look Good for Terry Collins”, where he elaborates on the fact that most of the organization and fanbase likes Terry, however, all signs are indicating that the Mets will not renew

My thoughts on Terry Collins

I’ve been a Mets fan since 2006. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I’m only 15. It’s fair to say that a good portion of my day is consumed by the New York Mets. My entire evening is, six to seven days a week, and I spend a

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