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#MetsPlus360: Day One at the Winter Meetings

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On Monday, once I got out of the plane and into an Uber towards Buena Vista, I knew it was going to be a good week.

The first thing I noticed is how we were not in a colder destination, like Nashville or National Harbor (Washington D.C). Walking out with a simple polo shirt was far superior to a thick coat, and is a fantastic escape.

Additionally, while the Meetings are all inside, they are in two separate buildings. The Trade Show and Job Fair are in the Disney Dolphin Resort, and the Meetings and Registration are located in the Disney Swan Resort. To get between the two properties, you have to walk over this bridge (of sorts). I’m told that this bridge is usually a hotspot filled with families and kids, but is instead filled with reporters and young hopefuls for the meetings.

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The registration counter was a breeze, and everyone from Minor League Baseball who was running the show was so helpful and kind. Within a few minutes I was all set to go.

The design of the logo features Red, Purple and Yellow as a color scheme, with surprisingly works extremely well, which was somewhat unexpected when I first saw the logo. The alternate logo features a wizard as a pitcher and as a batter, which is also cool.

To eat, there are about seven dining options in both venues combined. The most popular eatery was the Fountain, a casual eatery located right next to the Job Fair, which had a 30-40 minute wait.

I wasn’t lying in my tweet, there were at least 10-15 reporters that you would see on MLB Network there, but with an exorbitant wait time, and the beautiful weather, I ate at the Cabana Grill outside, and had a nice burger instead.

After lunch, I walked around, networked with a few individuals I met in last years meetings, and got ready for Tuesdays trade show with my Buyer’s Guide in-hand.

Tomorrow on MetsPlus, catch Part 1 of my inside look at the Baseball Trade Show. 

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How many Mets Blogs are out there?

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Yesterday, I read an interesting column on the history of print and web based journalism, and how written mediums are quickly getting replaced by multi-media tactics.

I knew this was prevalent in our society, but it’s becoming increasingly more clear nowadays when top-tier writers like Ken Rosenthal are linking to their Facebook to express their opinion.

However, the most shocking moment for me was when Matthew Cerrone, the king of Mets Blogs, talked about sharing and interlining content with other blogs during his book signing. He explained that he doesn’t do that nearly as much because “There aren’t many left”. Those words echoed to the back of the Barnes & Noble, and reverberated off the skulls of the blogger in me, now curious, unsure if my pursuit of become a more regular writer is something that won’t be available for me in 10-20 years, when I’m older.

It was a perfect bit of dialogue that captures how the media world is changing day by day. What used to be expressed in a 100 word blog post can now be just as easily described in a 100 character tweet, but it wasn’t always this way, oh no. When I was younger, I remember just how many Mets sites were out there, so many, that I thought (and still do) that the Mets have the most passionate and well-educated fans anywhere in the league. There were so many, that Mets360, made a comprehensive list of all the Mets related sites out there. He came up with over 25 and listed even more that were once considerably active that still share some Mets information.

However, the times have changed a lot since then, some new blogs popped up, and some older blogs disappeared, so I wanted to start a list to see how many Mets Blogs exist actively that share Mets information.

To qualify, I think a blog should at least have written five posts in the year 2017 and one post in the last 3 months, additionally 50% of the content be related to something Orange & Blue. That’s it.

So here is the list, feel free to add to it if you’d like by commenting below or tweeting @NikoMetsPlus. I’m actually curious to find the exact number of active sites left.


Simply put, I’m amazed. There are just about 25 sites that are active (most of which were started in the Shea Stadium days) and there are plenty more that I probably couldn’t find on my own.

While I’m pretty active on the Mets online-sphere, I didn’t know of a good chunk of these blogs until I composed this list.

It’s awesome to see how many websites share different types of information, and not just the lineups and recaps. Articles on unique baseball cards, the bullpen cart, uniform alterations, their podcasts, unique interviews, and all the other stuff one can’t get from a quick social media post is what makes the Mets blog network stronger than ever.

It’ll be interesting to see this list evolve over the coming years; and if there are any blogs left out, again, feel free to comment or tweet me, so I can add it. This list should be a place where one can discover new Mets sites and connect and network with their authors.


Introducing a New Blog?

I started MetsPlus as a general Baseball blog back in September of 2013. I thought it up on a whim over dinner one night, and forced a few of my friends into what would become a top blog on the page.

I’ve announced a few times that I’m going to branch off to start a new and add new and exciting features to the blog, but neither of those things really happened. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of thrilling and exciting features around here, but there are so many times I want to write about what is on my mind, and I can’t write about it because it’s simply not relevant and/or wouldn’t be interesting for the Mets-centric crowd this site is dedicated to.

Recently, a lot of those musings have been about travel, and my experiences with living in New York. I sometimes talk about travel here on MetsPlus, but I’ve come to realize it’s simply not the right avenue and it forces me to tie it in to Baseball, which sometimes I don’t want to do.

So, I’ve decided to set-up a new blog, Niko’s Travel Blog, which will launch sometime in late 2017 to early 2018 as a full-time blog, but there will be some light teasers in the mean time. I’ve even taken the liberty to create a small logo to share with you:

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This idea has actually been brewing in the back of my head for years now, and I want it to come to fruition before it’s too late, so I’m thinking, what the heck?

Now, a few of you might wonder what’ll happen to MetsPlus, and I’m happy to report, it’ll only get better, and, more importantly, it’ll be more Mets content.

I believe that with the introduction of the second blog, that’ll leave MetsPlus as the dedicated space for Mets news and information. Here’s a little timeline I have in mind, which is, of course, subject to change:

Late 2017/Early 2018: Long awaited website and brand refresh, formal break-up with Blogs.

Opening Day 2018: New Contributors and fans will write some articles on here, as MetsPlus continues to grow as a “fan” page.

Mid-Summer 2018: Streamlined content with mobile application.

As you can see, there are some pretty ambitious goals listed on my timeline, one that I’m going to be instant on following. Frankly, in my dream world, I’d like to see MetsPlus evolve from being a standard edition blog to one with more digital content. I’m committed to print journalism (it’s going to be my major in college this fall….) but there is no secret media is evolving, so MetsPlus will be focused on just that in the coming months and years.