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The Subway Series Has Lost it’s Luster? I Don’t Think So….

Yesterday, I went to a Subway Series game with one of my friends (who happens to be a Yankee fan). We were sitting up in section 516, a section typically dominated by Mets plan holders, but was instead taken over by Yankee fans, causal baseball fans, and the corporate “suits”.

Why I’m Not Interested in the MLB Draft

Today is day one of the Major League Baseball first year player draft. The draft, which is ceremoniously held in MLB Network’s Studio 42 (the one that looks like a baseball field) every year, is a most interesting time for teams, who have meticulously planned out their future seasons from some

Mets Hire Two New Public Address Announcers; One Female!

    This is very, very interesting news from the Mets. After Alex Anthony (the longest tenured Mets PA Announcer, from 2003 until 2017) firing at the beginning of the year, it was PA Announcer Rob Rush who took over the helm as the voice of the stadium. Rob’s voice was

Looking at the Mets Mother’s Day On-Field Gear

This Sunday, May 13th, on Mother’s Day, Major League Baseball will celebrate by showcasing their thirty MLB clubs in commemorative gear. Unlike previous years, where the team wore special uniform tops and pants, it’s just going to be commemorative caps, socks and personal gear as an option (bats, cleats, batting

Best Case Scenario, Where Does David Wright wind-up?

Picture this: The Mets have signed Frazier, and plan for him to be in the hot corner for the next two years. David Wright, who now no longer has the pressure of being the everyday third baseman, performs well in Spring Training, and is healthy enough to start the year

#MetsPlusMeetings: Should the Mets Trade Harvey

When Matt Harvey first bursted on the scene in New York, he was the talk of the town. He was on Kimmel one day, Fallon the next, and then starting the All Star Game the day after that. 2013 Harvey was the talk of the town, and even after his

History & Legacy: The Mets Snow Whites

In their 55 year history, the Mets have had some of the best uniform designs in pro sports. That being said, there have been a lot of subtle small changes to the Mets looks that have kept it evolving throughout the history of the ball club. Today, we are going

#ThePlusInMetsPlus Introduction: A Weekend In Cooperstown

This past weekend, to celebrate the end of the 2017 season, my family and I went to Cooperstown, NY to see some early foliage and get out of New York City. However, this trip wasn’t going to be a normal one, instead, I documented my experience into a series of

The Mets Ownership is Pulling a Cheap Trick……

I don’t usually talk about ownership here on MetsPlus, but after watching the drama over Terry Collins impending departure, I feel like I have to at least share my thoughts, even if it’s not pro-Mets in the least. First, as I’ve stated many times to Twitter, I’m not a huge Terry Collins

Top 5 All-Time Posts on MetsPlus

MetsPlus.com will officially be leaving MLB.com, in two days. And before that happens, I wanted to share with you my Top 5 all-time posts on MetsPlus.com, since we joined MLB.com in April of 2014. There are a LOT of posts that I’ve written over the past few years that I’m extremely

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