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David Wright Pinch-Hitting Tonight; Taking a few at-bats Tomorrow

Meet & Greet Tomorrow At Brooklyn Book Festival: Art Shamsky

There’s an exciting opportunity coming up tomorrow for any Mets fans looking to meet sports legend and World Series champion Art Shamsky! Tomorrow, at the Brooklyn Book Festival in Borough Hall, Art will make an appearance in booth 634.

Borough Hall is accessible by using the 2, 3, 4, N and R trains.

If you are unable to attend, feel free to learn more about upcoming events and about Art’s book “The Magnificent Seasons” on


David Wright Will Play Again

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.50.03 PM

After nearly two years of countless trips to the doctors, second opinions, rehab assignments and false promises, David Wright will finally be able to return to the Citi Field diamond at the conclusion of the season.

The press conference, which took place earlier today with Wright, John Ricco and Jeff Wilpon made it official: On Tuesday, September 25th, David will be activated for the series against the Braves, and on Saturday, September 29th, David will start for the last time at third base (the game is already sold out, and standing room tickets are going for $100 on StubHub).

Wright was extremely emotional during the press conference, and broke out in tears various times during the broadcast, and also announced that he doubts he will play again beyond this season.

He’s played in the second-most games in franchise history, leads in hits, RBI’s, at-bats and many other offensive categories, and is a philanthropist by all accounts off the field. Many regard David as the ideal baseball player, given his repertoire and how he conducts himself.

Personally, I’ve already got my tickets for Saturday, and I’ll be sure to root on David and give him a huge standing ovation, and while I understand that many will be watching from home or listening on the road, I’m looking forward to being with 40,000+ fans celebrating Wright’s incredible accomplishments.

WATCH: David Wright Presser

Are the Mets Bringing Back the Old Giants “NY”

Earlier this afternoon, the Mets tweeted out this picture, wishing fans a happy Labor Day. Innocent enough at first glance, but it then occurred to me that there was something a little odd at the bottom of the baseball.


As you can see, instead of the traditional interlocking “NY”, we saw the 1940’s era New York Giants-esc cap logo.

Could this be a simple mistake? The wrong logo file?

Yes and yes, but a certain part of me thinks there is a secondary meaning behind this, because unbeknownst to me, this is the second time this week that the Giants cap logo has appeared.

Our good friend Shannon from MetsPolice found this on the MLB Shop page earlier this year, with a title of “Mets Batting Practice”.


Now, I don’t think that is the cap the Mets will use for batting practice anytime soon, but the fact that the 1940’s Giants logo has been coded as a “Mets logo” twice makes me believe that there is an ulterior motive to this, and that we might see this cap logo again soon….



The season is almost over, and all of the media is (rightfully) focused in on David Wright.

Being the uniform guy, however, I received to questions today about the state of the Mets looks, specifically the orange uniform, so I figured I would take a pause from regular programing and talk about it.

In 2013 and 2014, the Mets “Los Mets” uniform was in Mets orange with Blue lettering, and frankly it looked awesome. However, the Mets decided to retire the Fiesta Latina promotion, and the Los Mets Orange went into storage.

So here’s the question: Should the Mets make an Orange jersey for next year’s uniform set? 

Well, to be honest, I’m intrigued.

I think that the Mets have enough uniforms, to be honest. I wasn’t a fan of when we had five uniforms (or six, looking at you, 2014). And, I think that having an odd number of uniforms, is, well, odd. The jersey would probably only be restricted to home games, and it would diminish the amount of times the blue uniforms would be worn.

I would like it if it was worn on Sundays, but I’d kind of prefer to see the blue’s become the Sunday specials.

So, no, readers. I don’t want an Orange uniform right now,  but in the future, I think the Orange has a place in the Mets set.

Mets: Do the Wright thing and call-up David


Come on, Mets.

This is so obvious, so why do you continue to pinch your finances?

Earlier today, it was announced that David Wright had been promoted to Triple-A Las Vegas as he continues his rehab assignment.

The news sounded very promising, and there was a thought that he could be even closer to re-joining the team, perhaps during the west coast road-trip after the Triple-A season concludes.

Then, out of nowhere the good news was sidelined with this tweet from Anthony DiComo:

In other words, if we are going to pay for David Wright out of pocket (instead of the insurance) he better be major league ready.

To me, this is extremely bad optics. The way I see it, this is a “last-hoorah” from David Wright, and to thank him for his dedication over the last decade-plus and the work he’s put in for rehab the last two years, it’s only fitting to promote him, and instead, the Mets are being stingy with the insurance policy.

Are. You. Kidding. Me? Mets July 2018 Uniform Recap

First, let’s take a look at the graphic provided by


Here is a breakdown of the Mets July uniforms:

  • Home White Pinstripes: 10 games out of 24.  Paired with Primary cap.
  • Blue Home Alternate: 4 game out of 24. Paired with Home Alternate Cap
  • Road Grey: 8 games out of 24.  Paired with Primary cap.
  • Road Blue Alternate: 0 games out of 24  paired with Road Alternate cap.
  • Holiday: 2 games out of 24 (July 4th)

And here is a breakdown of the Mets July Caps:

  • Primary Mets cap: 18 games out of 24
  • Home Alternate cap: 4 games out of 24
  • Road Alternate cap: 0 game out of 24
  • Holiday Cap: 2 games out of 24 (July 4th)

Exciting Opportunities With World Series Champion Art Shamsky!

This is very exciting news. Art Shamsky, a member of the 1969 World Series Champion Miracle Mets, author of “The Magnificent Seasons”, and an ambassador of the Israel Association of Baseball has very exciting opportunities for fans and supporters alike that want to learn more about the history and heritage from one of the game’s best players.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 11.01.26 AM

Mr.Shamsky is available for many different engagements. From Motivational talks, to baseball clinics, to charity events, to personal appearances (how neat would it be to have the opportunity to take in a game with Art himself?)

A few years ago, I had a chance to interview Art Shamsky, and I understood why he was not only a good player, but also a humanitarian for the sport, which also became apparent after reading his first book, The Magnificent Seasons, which is available here.

More details can be found on, or by emailing

Mets gear up for…. Fall?

I constantly get emails from the Mets and their affiliates about their promotions. This morning, in typical fashion, I got one of those Shop emails entitled “Start Early On Your Mets Autumn Attire!”, which was interesting to me considering I don’t know who would want to wear Mets gear after this season considering the Mets aren’t exactly in the playoff hunt and there isn’t any fall-specific gear to sell if there isn’t a postseason.

So, I was curious as to what the Mets were selling exactly. The thumbnail images on the email were less than inspiring:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.17.12 PM

So, the low profile version of the on-field cap is fall attire?

After clicking the link, things only got more inconspicuous. Five out of the first six “items” were winter items like knit caps and “winter” classified jackets. Additionally, all of the supposed new styles have been around for several weeks/months at least,  so it’s hard to call them “new”.

Now, one is probably wondering at this point: What is the importance of this? Who cares about an email that we all get wether we want to or not?

Well, typically I’m in that boat; thinking that the emails are unavoidable and that I should just deal with them. However, I believe if they made the emails of substance and not just click bait to sell merchandise, I would into my email subscription, but this universal trend of mis-leading emails isn’t going to go away any time.