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Mets Finally Break Out The Blues!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.44.46 PM

It was a nice streak, but all good things come to an end.

After twenty games of exclusively wearing the home white pinstripes and the road grays,  the Mets have dipped into the clubhouse locker and broken out the road grays (at starter Zack Wheeler’s request), featuring the skyline patch on the sleeve, and grey lettering with the orange background.

These uniform tops debuted in 2013, with the road alternate cap following in 2015.

In 2014, the road blue was worn more often than the road gray, but they’ve been used less and less each subsequent year.

Alex Anthony Update: Is This why Alex was “Dismissed”?

Mets Plus

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 7.36.37 PMPhoto Credit: Gary Dunaier 

Most Mets fans will agree that the last seven days have been pretty good in Mets-land. Mickey Callaway is pushing all the right buttons, the bullpen has been fantastic, and the Mets are in first place, with a nice 5-1 record.

With that being said, there was an apparent difference in the ballpark experience, with backup PA announcer Rob Rush calling the players up to the plate, instead of Alex Anthony, the longtime voice of the Mets who was recently dismissed. And, while we didn’t know too much regarding the circumstance of his firing, Bob’s Blitz is now reporting that an inside joke, done behind closed doors, is the reason for his dismissal, according to a close friend of Craig Carton, host of the Carton & Friends radio show:

“A friend of mine who is close with the Mets tells me that he (Alex) was…

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WATCH: Get Serenaded by Billy Joel

I filmed the following clip in yesterday’s 11-5 victory over the Washington Nationals. It was one of the few times the Mets played the full version of Piano Man.

Five Arms in the Eighth

We were going to the top of the eighth inning at Citi Field, with the Mets up, 6 to 1. Victory was so imminent you could taste it. Jacob deGrom, the ace of the Mets staff, had completely out-dueled the Nationals all day, and was poised to be the first Mets pitcher to make it into the eighth inning this season.

The small but mighty fan base was jumping up and down, both to stay warm, and to cheer on the Mets.

First up was Moises Sierra. After a few pitches, Sierra knocks one back up the middle, past Rosario, and the lead off man was on. I glance over at Callaway, and see a turning in the bullpen. It’s Lugo, who had been warming up the inning prior. deGrom is allowed to stay in, and after a full-count battle, strikes Michael Taylor out, swinging.

All right, we all said.

Next up was Trea Turner. deGrom quickly gets him to two strikes, but struggles to put him away, after yet another battle, this time taking deGrom over 100 pitchers.

Like with Sierra, deGrom losses him to a ground ball up the middle. Next up in Howie Kendrick, the man who deGrom had punched out three times prior, but first a pitching change.

Five unsuccessful pitching changes later, and the Mets are behind, 7-6, and they never came back.

So who’s to blame for this? Well, there were many miscues by many people, and yes, the Mets are still way ahead in the standings, but it’s frustrating.

First off, let’s talk about deGrom, who pitched as good as he has all season.

Jacob looked primed to get through the eighth, and maybe even the ninth, but fell victim to long at bats and soft hits. None of the hits were frozen ropes off the wall, though, and he could have very well faced Kendrick.

Furthermore, while the bullpen has been good early on, it was downright painful yesterday. Lugo had no grip of the ball, and Robles, Ramos and Familia looked lost. The only one with some Guts was Blevins, who threw a filthy curveball to Harper, before falling to a ground ball single.

The game ended right then and there, when the Nationals took the lead, and everyone in attendance had this bad taste in their mouth, as if they couldn’t comprehend what had happened, and wanted to go home.

Let’s hope this game wasn’t a bad omen…..

Last Chance! Purchase Limited-Time ToppsNOW Cards

Last year we discussed the exciting new partnership between Noah Syndergaard and Topps, as he became the ambassador for ToppsNOW, the limited time card from Topps that is only available for 24 hours, and then it is gone, forever.

Well, for the next half hour, one can buy two Mets cards from the thrilling Sunday walk-off win versus the Brewers. Noah Syndergaard’s masterpiece and Wilmer’s Walk Off are both available (I purchased the latter).

For those that collect cards, like me, I’ve noticed that the value of a ToppsNOW card carries quite heavy weight against traditional cards, so if you trade with your friends, these cards are worthwhile.

Did anyone else purchase these ToppsNOW cards? Do you have a greater collection of ToppsNOW cards? 

New Food Options at Citi Field: Lil Sweet Chick (Chicken & Waffles)

At the beginning of the year, in the “What’s New At Citi Field for 2018” event, the Mets unveiled some new food options for Citi Field.

As someone who likes ballpark food, I was looking forward to trying some of the new options from each of the vendors that premiered this April.

Getting There:

First up was Lil Sweet Chick. To get to Lil Sweet Chick, unfortunately, you can’t be sitting in the cheap seats. At the bare minimum, you need access to the Promenade Club. If you don’t have that, then you’ll be left in the dark, or trust someone with access with your money.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.03.26 PM

The Choices: 

Lil’ Sweet Chick  has three options for food, the Traditional Chicken Sandwich, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and the “signature” Chicken & Waffles.

I decided to purchase the Chicken & Waffles, which set me back $13. It came with only two breaded pieces of chicken, two waffles, a heap of butter, and real maple syrup.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.04.10 PM

The Review: 

At first glance, I knew that the butter was unnecessary and poorly placed. Even when I took it off, a whole bunch of it had melted over the first waffle. The chicken, while tasty and better then the regular chicken fingers at other ballpark stands, was rather small, and considering there was only two, I was left wanting more.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.05.05 PM

The Waffles were fine, but nothing better than what I get from a Hilton Garden Inn, which isn’t saying much. The Maple Syrup was a noticeable improvement over generic “breakfast syrup” which I was dreading.

The Verdict:

I ate the whole dish, but would I go back for more? No. I’ll steer clear of this dish.

The main issue with this dish is that it isn’t ballpark food. While it looks nice and is tasty, it’s small and incredibly hard to eat, not to mention the lines and location are incredibly inconvenient.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 5.05.43 PM

4 out of 10

Mets sticking to Primary Uniforms….

The Mets are 12-2, and as is common with periods of good play, teams try to change as little as possible. Such is the case with the Mets uniforms.

As previously stated, the Mets have four uniforms this year. The home pinstripes, a road gray top, and two blue uniforms for home and the road respectively.

Despite having these two blue alternates in the wings, the Mets have only worn their home pinstripes and road grays. In addition the corresponding alternate caps have also been missing-in-action.

So why are the Mets not wearing their blue uniforms? Two reasons, I believe:

1. If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It: This one makes the most sense. If the Mets continue to win in the primary uniforms, no reason to have the superstitious ballplayers raise their eyebrows to a new uniform.

Also, it’s not like anyone has any objections to the primary uniforms, they look pretty good.

2. None of the Pitchers Like To Use Them: In the past, the blue uniforms were Harvey’s thing, and sometimes, Zack Wheeler will wear the occasional blue top on the road. Recently, however, everyone seems contempt with the conservative look.


Watch: Mets Crowd Chants

The Mets Have The Best Record In Baseball

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.40.48 PM

No, it’s not the day after Opening Day. It’s April 12th, and the season started on March 29th.

The Mets and their 10-1 record are the best in Baseball, and fans of the Orange & Blue are seemingly putting the champagne on ice.

To put this start in perspective, the 10-1 start is the best in franchise history. Additionally, the Mets sweeping a road trip of six games is a first since 1991. Add this all to the fact that a first time manager is at the helm, and this is truly one for the books.

Of course, no good comes without any bad, Travis d’Arnaud has come down with an injury in his UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) and Tommy John Surgery is likely. Additionally, Kevin Plawecki is day to day with a bruised wrist suffered in Wednesday Night’s Marlins-Mets game. This leaves a banged up Plawecki with Tomas Nido (and presumably Jose Lobaton if and when he gets on the forty man roster).

This, though, is peanuts in comparison to what has happened so far this year.

This homestand will be a challenge, though, as both the Brewers and Nationals are formidable opponents, and that’s ok. Will the Mets keep it up all season? No, but there is a very real possibility the Mets come out of April with over 20 wins, which would be absolutely fantastic.

As the saying goes, you can’t win a division in April, but you can lose one, and the Mets have done anything but that.


#MetsPlus360: Thor is in with Topps

Mets Plus

Ahh Baseball Cards. In my room, I have old math binders filled with hundreds of cards per season from 2005 to 2014. The fun of heading down to the convenience store and getting a eight pack of Topps cards,  only to rip the pack open and add it to the sacred collection (and trade them the following day in school) was some of the best fun I had in my childhood. Trading baseball cards was like the stock market for kids, only the reward wasn’t money, it was having a good time.

Nothing was better however that getting specialty cards. When I was young, getting a “Topps Attax” card to play with on the computer, or a postseason patch card was the a total thrill. The limited nature and secrecy of these cards made them very worthwhile, and a collectors item among my grade school trading friends.

Nowadays, I still…

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