Mets Home Opener 2019 Review


Last Thursday, I traveled east to Flushing, Queens to see the Mets take on the Washington Nationals, the game, a one o’clock start, was the Mets Home Opener after a very impressive 5-1 roadtrip to start the season.

I entered through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at around 11:30am, with moderate lines that you would expect on Opening Day. There were no metal detectors, only wands which seemed to expedite the procedure somewhat.

Unfortunately my ticket didn’t scan, so I had to go to the Ticket Office and get a hard ticket printed out, which I actually prefer. New for this year, mobile tickets replace most of the paper tickets, and it is no longer possible to get a seat location slip upon entry into the ballpark. Thus, I noticed far more people struggling with print-at-homes, and long waits in the office ensued.


Once inside, I purchased a copy of Mets Magazine from my favorite salesman, and climbed the escalator to see the Mets lineup (in oversized Topps Baseball Cards).

I wanted to try one of the new critically acclaimed food options that had been praised, and I settled upon Sliders & Sinkers, a place with little to no organization. To keep a very long story short, I ordered the Slider combo in a souvenir helmet, and they were out of most anything and everything, which was a big disappointment.


Eventually, I got some sliders, which, while cold, was rather tasty.

The ceremonies itself were very pleasant, Jacob deGrom got a great reception, and the annual tradition of giving the team a good luck wreath continued into 2019.

Unfortunately, the game itself was rather disappointing, with the Mets not scoring a single run. I did like the new scoreboard, which was recently overhauled.

All in all, while the game was disapointing, it was great to return to Citi Field after the long winter, bask in the sun, and root on the Amazin’s.


I have high hopes for this team in 2019, and here’s to many more great memories to come at Citi Field.


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