Month: February 2019

I Went To Spring Training: Three Things I Wanted To See

I just got back from my three day venture to Port St. Lucie in Florida. The trip was full of palm trees, fun, and lots of baseball. Before the trip, I compiled a list of three things I wanted to see, and see if my perception on these questions would

2019 is Upon us, Is It Time for Citi Field to Bring Back the Organ (Tracks)?

Do me a favor. Close your eyes, and picture you are at the game. When you’ve done that, click play on the video below (you might have to open your eyes for that). “No, Niko, the seventh inning stretch was never played on the organ at Citi Field” And you’d

Welcome back to MetsPlus (on Wednesdays!)

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk! It’s me, Niko Goutakolis. Need I re-introduce myself? I’m a little bit different from who I was when I was blogging in High School under the original MetsPlus title, so quick primer: In brief, I’m a college student that works two jobs, and does

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