David Wright Will Play Again

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.50.03 PM

After nearly two years of countless trips to the doctors, second opinions, rehab assignments and false promises, David Wright will finally be able to return to the Citi Field diamond at the conclusion of the season.

The press conference, which took place earlier today with Wright, John Ricco and Jeff Wilpon made it official: On Tuesday, September 25th, David will be activated for the series against the Braves, and on Saturday, September 29th, David will start for the last time at third base (the game is already sold out, and standing room tickets are going for $100 on StubHub).

Wright was extremely emotional during the press conference, and broke out in tears various times during the broadcast, and also announced that he doubts he will play again beyond this season.

He’s played in the second-most games in franchise history, leads in hits, RBI’s, at-bats and many other offensive categories, and is a philanthropist by all accounts off the field. Many regard David as the ideal baseball player, given his repertoire and how he conducts himself.

Personally, I’ve already got my tickets for Saturday, and I’ll be sure to root on David and give him a huge standing ovation, and while I understand that many will be watching from home or listening on the road, I’m looking forward to being with 40,000+ fans celebrating Wright’s incredible accomplishments.


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