Are the Mets Bringing Back the Old Giants “NY”

Earlier this afternoon, the Mets tweeted out this picture, wishing fans a happy Labor Day. Innocent enough at first glance, but it then occurred to me that there was something a little odd at the bottom of the baseball.


As you can see, instead of the traditional interlocking “NY”, we saw the 1940’s era New York Giants-esc cap logo.

Could this be a simple mistake? The wrong logo file?

Yes and yes, but a certain part of me thinks there is a secondary meaning behind this, because unbeknownst to me, this is the second time this week that the Giants cap logo has appeared.

Our good friend Shannon from MetsPolice found this on the MLB Shop page earlier this year, with a title of “Mets Batting Practice”.


Now, I don’t think that is the cap the Mets will use for batting practice anytime soon, but the fact that the 1940’s Giants logo has been coded as a “Mets logo” twice makes me believe that there is an ulterior motive to this, and that we might see this cap logo again soon….



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