Mets: Do the Wright thing and call-up David


Come on, Mets.

This is so obvious, so why do you continue to pinch your finances?

Earlier today, it was announced that David Wright had been promoted to Triple-A Las Vegas as he continues his rehab assignment.

The news sounded very promising, and there was a thought that he could be even closer to re-joining the team, perhaps during the west coast road-trip after the Triple-A season concludes.

Then, out of nowhere the good news was sidelined with this tweet from Anthony DiComo:

In other words, if we are going to pay for David Wright out of pocket (instead of the insurance) he better be major league ready.

To me, this is extremely bad optics. The way I see it, this is a “last-hoorah” from David Wright, and to thank him for his dedication over the last decade-plus and the work he’s put in for rehab the last two years, it’s only fitting to promote him, and instead, the Mets are being stingy with the insurance policy.

Are. You. Kidding. Me? 



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