Random Thoughts on the Mets

Here’s some random thoughts I shared on MetsPolice last week, which starts with Jacob deGrom’s quote, after Saturday’s 5-2 loss against Miami:

I think what deGrom is saying rings true to many of us. We, as fans, are all frustrated. We are all tired of losing, and we are all tired of devoting three hours to a disappointing game day in, day out.

And, while I would never say we should give up your Mets fanhood, I do want to suggest, at least to some of you, to feel free to take a Mets break. Turn off the television for just a few days, see something new, go somewhere different, and just enjoy the rest of life.

I know this isn’t the best idea for every fan, but baseball is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you are losing sleep over the sport that you love, it means that A) You are a good fan, but also experiencing an overwhelming amount of negativity on a daily basis, which isn’t good.

Again, everyone should fan they way they want to fan, and no one supports something the same way, but listen to yourself. No one will blame you if you skip a few games of this horrid season.

I’m going to Columbus for the Triple-A All-Star Game next week, and when I return from my Mets break, I’ll look forward to watching the team I love through the end of the year.


Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 7.11.56 PM
Parting Citi Field Ramp Shot

Anyway, just my two cents.


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