What is the Deal with the Black Mets Logo on the Outfield Wall of MLB Digital Platforms?

I’m filling in for MetsPolice.com all week long, here is one of the posts from their site that I recently uploaded. Give it a look on their site. 

Yesterday, as I was watching the game, I had my phone on the At Bat app looking at the balls and strikes (yep, I’m one of those fans).

When out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the black skyline ball logo on the left field wall, to the left of the MLB Network sign.

Now, it should be noted that for anything digital, like a video game or background photo, MLB Advanced Media typically only inserts generic team and MLB ads in place of the typical “Delta” and “Geico” signs that you would actually see at a ballpark. This is done only to keep the visuals realistic, as I doubt many people actually tune into MLB Network when they see their logo on the outfield wall.

That being said, this isn’t the first time the black skyline logo has appeared, it was in previous versions of MLB The Show, before being removed, but has popped up again.

What’s especially interesting is that the Mets got rid of their black alternates officially after the 2014 season (they stopped wearing them after 2011, which is when I consider them to be out of circulation) yet here we are in 2018, and MLB still inserts it whenever possible, but only in the outfield fence in that one specific spot.

My hunch is that someone tried to replicate the wall from 2012, where in that exact space, there was a circle (50th Anniversary) next to a home plate logo (Carter).

Now, sure, there are more important things MLB could change before this, like keeping the volume level on the Mets feed of WOR, or making World Series games end before 12:30am, but I dislike the black uniforms as much as the next guy, and I continue to scratch my head at this mystery that will probably never see a resolution.


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