Sandy Alderson to Take a Leave of Absence

One thing I love about this blog is how we come here to laugh about things that aren’t really that important, but are still fun to talk and joke about.

Unfortunately, this post isn’t one of them. Long-time GM Sandy Alderson, in the middle of his eighth season with the Mets, will step down from his position as he works to recover from a relapse in his cancer, which will require a surgery.

Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon held a press conference moments ago at Citi Field to discuss his health and the plan going forward, in which Sandy mentioned that he is unsure if he deserves to come back, given his health and the performance of the team this year, so the interim trio of Ricciardi, Minaya and Ricco might not be temporary.

The good news is that Sandy’s immediate prognosis is positive, and he feels confident that he will recover in time. I send my thoughts and well wishes to Sandy’s family and friends, as well as the Mets family as a whole.

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