Mets get Swept by Atlanta, Time for (Some) Heads to Roll.

Nelson sums up Mets fans’ frustrations pretty well there.

deGrom, once again, pitched well through 7 innings, giving up only one run, and lowering his league-leading ERA from 1.57 to 1.55.

Of course, credit has to be given to Braves 20 year old starter (and fellow Canadian) Mike Soroka, who pitched 6 no-hit innings, before giving up a very soft infield hit to Michael Conforto.

The offense, though, had absolutely nothing going for them. In the field, the team looked flat footed, and the Braves were running all over them. The Mets have now lost or split their sixth straight series, and there is virtually no one on the horizon to come in and save the team.

Beyond that, the ubiquitous 11-1 start has disintegrated to the point where we are 8.5 games behind the first-place Braves, and are seven games below five hundred.


So what should the Mets do?

Well, for one thing, Callaway isn’t going to be fired today, tomorrow, or any time this year.

However, Mickey is under the microscope. He has made some truly dumb in-game decisions, refused to take accountability for plays that he has put on, and hasn’t been able to motivate his team after countless pleas to the press for patience.

Mickey might not get fired today, but his lack of leadership might limit him in terms of the length of his tenure. In other words, Mickey Callaway might not be the next Mike Scioscia.

That turns the spotlight on the coaching staff, whom collectively have little to no National League experience.

Gary DiSarcina, the bench coach with experience exclusive to the American League (who forgot to double switch yesterday after Mickey’s ejection) will probably stay with the team though the end of the year, unlike Pat Roessler, who might have to go the way of Dave Hudgens, back in 2014.

If you have forgotten, Hudgens, the hitting coach back in 2014, was fired after a bad stretch back in 2014, and was replaced, which energized the team for a few days, before the fizzle continued.

Of course, this is pure speculation, any possibility could happen, all with some merit, but something, and I mean anything, has to happen. You can’t just keep on grinding it out and watch the team fall into the cellar. If you want to sell, do that, if you want to re-energize the team, make some changes at the top, and get things going.



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