Mets Cut Two, Add Two

Astros Mets Spring Baseball

The Met career of Jose Reyes has finally come to an end.

Hold on, I’m being passed a note.

Well, after two months of joy and a free fall, the Mets are finally deciding to switch things up. Gonzalez is gone, and Lobaton (who wasn’t given much playing time, at all) has been designated for assignment.

In return, we will finally get to see what slimmed down Dom Smith has to offer, and journeyman Ty Kelly makes his return to Queens, after spending a good portion of last year in Philly.

Overall, these are the right moves. Gonzalez gave you two months of buffer time, but nothing was left in the tank there, and Lobaton had really become a square peg in a circular hole, so there was no reason to keep him on the roster.

Of course, the future of Jose Reyes is still up in the air, and the Conforto Triple-A rumors continue to swirl, so there is a lot to follow in the coming days.



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