Why I’m Not Interested in the MLB Draft


Today is day one of the Major League Baseball first year player draft. The draft, which is ceremoniously held in MLB Network’s Studio 42 (the one that looks like a baseball field) every year, is a most interesting time for teams, who have meticulously planned out their future seasons from some of the scouting and legwork, all leading up to this draft.

The Mets alone have drafted David Wright, Ike Davis, Matt Harvey and Michael Conforto,  among others, in the first year draft since the turn of the century.

There has also been a fair share of duds in the first year player draft, like flamethrower Bradley Holt, Nathan Vineyard and Eddie Kunz.

It’s safe to say, like in the game of baseball itself, you win some, and you lose some. Basically, the MLB Draft is a strategic coin flip. 

And that’s the story. Don’t get me wrong, I think the draft is important, and I respect writers and fans that get really into it, but the implications of the Draft itself are not as important as the development of the player itself, unlike the draft in some other sports, where a player spends minimal time in minor leagues.

So, enjoy the draft. I’ll tune in for the Mets pick, and then quickly change the channel…


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