New Food Options at Citi Field: Raclette (Cheese Haus Sausage)

At the beginning of the year, in the “What’s New At Citi Field for 2018” event, the Mets unveiled some new food options for Citi Field.

As someone who likes ballpark food, I was looking forward to trying some of the new options from each of the vendors that premiered this Spring.

Getting There:

Raclette, the new Sausage joint in town, is located in the Promenade Level Food Court, next to the traditional Premio Sausages. To get there, simply take an escalator, staircase or elevator up to the top level, then head towards the food court behind home plate.

It’s easy to find with the signage located above the grill. The line is usually pretty short but moves rather slowly, and it isn’t covered, meaning it isn’t an ideal place to wait during inclement weather.

The Choices:

There are three options at Raclette, which can be further customized beyond the order.

There is the Alpine Bratwurst, without a doubt the most popular sausage, the Swiss Dog, essentially the same as the Alpine with a frankfurter replacing the sausage, and the Traditional.

I selected the Alpine Beat, with pickles. There are other toppings available upon request.

The Review:

First and foremost, this sausage is huge. I mean, absolutely huge.

This is one of those meals that tastes like a hidden gem when you first bite into it, and quickly realize that you’ll never finish it before your half way through, which makes for a disappointing feeling.

Everything is tasty, and reasonably priced, but it’s so huge that it fills you up so quickly. The silver lining is how premium the baguette is. It easily makes the sandwich, if the bread quality stays up, then it’s a good meal.

The Verdict:

Not bad for a new option. I expect this to stick around for a few years. 8/10


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