My 2018 Triple-A ASG Tickets Have Arrived!

You know how some people have a day that symbolizes the first day of summer? For some, it’s Opening Day, for others, it’s Memorial Day, and some kick off summer with a personal day, like a birthday or an anniversary.

For me, it’s the day my tickets for the Triple-A All Star Game come in the mail.

For those that don’t know, I’ve been going to the Triple-A All Star Game since 2011, in Salt Lake City. The event has always been a staple of the summer, with many memorable moments, like Matt Harvey dominating in Buffalo back in 2012, or Amed Rosario’s speed in last year’s All-Star Game in Tacoma.

Well, this year the event is in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Columbus Clippers, who play their home games in Huntington Park, right in the heart of Columbus.

The tickets were on-sale as a three-pack bundle, including the Home Run Derby (which has been significantly modified this year), the All-Star Game, and the September National Championship game.

I ordered the tickets on Monday morning (it’s $75 for non-premium locations, and $90 for box seats and more premium locations.

To my shock, the tickets have already arrived at my doorstep, in this nice and big beige package:

Ready for the good news? All tickets this year are commemorative once again! I guess Columbus learned from the frustration of the fans in Tacoma, who printed out their tickets on regular old cardstock.

The tickets also come with a very descriptive schedule of events, and a lanyard to hold the tickets.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.15.43 PM

Overall, this is a very nice presentation by the Clippers, and it’s a good omen for what should be a very fun summer event.

Of course, I’ll be providing a full preview, in-game coverage, and recap on the blog, and on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus.

Thanks to the Columbus Clippers for their work sending these tickets over so fast, I’m very impressed! If anyone else is going to the Triple-A All-Star Game, they can purchase tickets here


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