Should the Mets ditch the Home Alternate Cap?

Yesterday, during the Marlins Mets series opener, Jason Vargas was spotted warring up with the incorrect Mets cap.

Instead of the Primary blue Mets cap with the interlocking NY, Vargas dawned the blue Mets cap with the white outline around the NY.

This cap is supposed to be worn with the blue alternate jersey, not white pinstripes.

Admittedly, it’s not a terrible look, but it’s not the perfect look that the primary cap provides.

So here’s the question:

Since the Primary Cap and Home Alternate Cap are so similar the players are mistaking the two, why not eliminate the alternate cap?

In fairness, the primary cap has been worn with the home alternate cap in the past, and it looks fine.

This won’t happen today or tomorrow but the Mets should consider cutting this cap, especially if they only plan on wearing it once a year, anyway.


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