Who’s next into the Mets Hall Of Fame?

Last Friday, after Jose Reyes’ got a single to left single field, I checked twitter and saw that Johan Santana was being inducted into the Minnesota Twins Hall Of Fame (congrats, Johan!).

This made me ponder the list of candidates for the Mets Hall Of Fame:

Now that Mike Piazza and John Franco are in the Hall Of Fame, and the only other candidates from “Generation Piazza” being Al Leiter, and probably Edgardo Alfonzo, it’s time to think about candidates from “Generation Wright”.

Without any semblance of doubt, Jose Reyes will make the Mets Hall Of Fame. Jose is the Mets all time leader in stolen bases and triples, second all time in runs, hits, doubles, total bases, extra base hits and multi-hit games (only behind David Wright on all of them).

David Wright and Carlos Beltran are two other locks for obvious reasons, with David probably going in a few years before Carlos.

The gray area comes with players like Johan Santana. Of course, there his performance and his leadership, and the fact that he started four Opening Day’s for the Mets, but the no-hitter is really the x-factor for Johan. Think about it, if Santana doesn’t throw the no-hitter, what is his legacy? It’s still a good one, but nothing better than R.A Dickey.

Who Do You Believe will make it into the Mets Hall of Fame next? Let me know on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus. 

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