Mets sticking to Primary Uniforms….

The Mets are 12-2, and as is common with periods of good play, teams try to change as little as possible. Such is the case with the Mets uniforms.

As previously stated, the Mets have four uniforms this year. The home pinstripes, a road gray top, and two blue uniforms for home and the road respectively.

Despite having these two blue alternates in the wings, the Mets have only worn their home pinstripes and road grays. In addition the corresponding alternate caps have also been missing-in-action.

So why are the Mets not wearing their blue uniforms? Two reasons, I believe:

1. If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It: This one makes the most sense. If the Mets continue to win in the primary uniforms, no reason to have the superstitious ballplayers raise their eyebrows to a new uniform.

Also, it’s not like anyone has any objections to the primary uniforms, they look pretty good.

2. None of the Pitchers Like To Use Them: In the past, the blue uniforms were Harvey’s thing, and sometimes, Zack Wheeler will wear the occasional blue top on the road. Recently, however, everyone seems contempt with the conservative look.



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