April 12th, 2018

The Mets Have The Best Record In Baseball

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No, it’s not the day after Opening Day. It’s April 12th, and the season started on March 29th.

The Mets and their 10-1 record are the best in Baseball, and fans of the Orange & Blue are seemingly putting the champagne on ice.

To put this start in perspective, the 10-1 start is the best in franchise history. Additionally, the Mets sweeping a road trip of six games is a first since 1991. Add this all to the fact that a first time manager is at the helm, and this is truly one for the books.

Of course, no good comes without any bad, Travis d’Arnaud has come down with an injury in his UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) and Tommy John Surgery is likely. Additionally, Kevin Plawecki is day to day with a bruised wrist suffered in Wednesday Night’s Marlins-Mets game. This leaves a banged up Plawecki with Tomas Nido (and presumably Jose Lobaton if and when he gets on the forty man roster).

This, though, is peanuts in comparison to what has happened so far this year.

This homestand will be a challenge, though, as both the Brewers and Nationals are formidable opponents, and that’s ok. Will the Mets keep it up all season? No, but there is a very real possibility the Mets come out of April with over 20 wins, which would be absolutely fantastic.

As the saying goes, you can’t win a division in April, but you can lose one, and the Mets have done anything but that.


#MetsPlus360: Thor is in with Topps

Mets Plus

Ahh Baseball Cards. In my room, I have old math binders filled with hundreds of cards per season from 2005 to 2014. The fun of heading down to the convenience store and getting a eight pack of Topps cards,  only to rip the pack open and add it to the sacred collection (and trade them the following day in school) was some of the best fun I had in my childhood. Trading baseball cards was like the stock market for kids, only the reward wasn’t money, it was having a good time.

Nothing was better however that getting specialty cards. When I was young, getting a “Topps Attax” card to play with on the computer, or a postseason patch card was the a total thrill. The limited nature and secrecy of these cards made them very worthwhile, and a collectors item among my grade school trading friends.

Nowadays, I still…

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