Alex Anthony, Mets PA Announcer, Dismissed after 15 Seasons

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Photo Credit: Gary Dunaier 

This is very troubling news. The longest tenured Mets PA Announcer, Alex Anthony, the stadium voice of the Orange & Blue, has been “dismissed”, according to New York Post beat writer Mike Puma. Puma also indicates that the Mets are on the search for a new public address announcer. In the interim, the backup announcer, Rob Rush, (who has filled in since 2014) will call players up to the plate.

Considering they had Anthony reading promos for this season, and that he was the PA announcer during the Winter Classic, it’s obvious that this was a last minute un-expected change. Alex is also listed as the PA Announcer in the media guide.

I don’t want to speculate too much into what happened, as there are a lot of possibilities, some better than others, but clearly there is some bad blood. I honestly never thought Alex would leave. His voice was cemented into Citi Field, it was just so “Mets”, and somehow everyone realized that.

Hopefully we get some closure on this. Alex was the most iconic and longest tenured PA Announcer in Mets history, so fans definitely deserve an explanation, and we will be waiting for one.

5 Replies to “Alex Anthony, Mets PA Announcer, Dismissed after 15 Seasons”

  1. Figures probably has to do with money everytime a Met hits a home Run a working person loses money from there salary.Why hurt a iconic voice a person who can read an write ! Well it goes to show you ignorance at it best the Wipons(coupons)are at it again ! Only on a small level let’s kill the working people behind the scenes.

  2. […] the players up to the plate, instead of Alex Anthony, the longtime voice of the Mets who was recently dismissed. And, while we didn’t know too much regarding the circumstance of his firing, Bob’s Blitz is […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    he was fired , railroaded by a female employee , it was unjust and an illegal taping of a private conversation between 2 people in a private office and she taped him without his knowledge , Alex is a real nice great guy , and did not deserve this

  4. […] Alex Anthony (the longest tenured Mets PA Announcer, from 2003 until 2017) firing at the beginning of the year, it was PA Announcer Rob Rush who took over the helm as the voice of […]

  5. Robert Jontay says:

    Wow very disappointing. Alex was uniwue, professional and fit baseball in his Summertime Style. Best wishes Alex! You belong in the Mets HOF. I hope you find a gig that utilizes your talents soon. Signed a former radio guy who knows a thing or two about this.


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