March 28th, 2018

#LinksAboutHim: Opening Day Edition

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Welcome to a very special #LinksAboutHim. Today, we are not talking about a person, but about an event. The event that is better than Christmas, Easter and your birthday put together. It’s Opening Day! Be sure to share your posts with me on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus. 

  • The folks at Amazin Avenue share the lineup and the complete game preview here.
  • Something out of Tony LaRussa’s playbook, Noah Syndergaard, tomorrow’s starter will be batting eighth. Here’s what Newsday had to say about that.
  • Josh from Mets Merized shares a report that the Mets have considered adding Greg Holland to upgrade the bullpen depth.
  • The 7 Line blog details news of a rather unique way to get to the ballpark, the Transit Museum vintage run.

WATCH: Four Aces, Callaway, Meet the Media

As Seen on Twitter: Cosmetic Changes at Citi Field

Tomorrow’s Opening Day, and, thanks to the workout day this afternoon, we are seeing some interesting cosmetic changes to the ballpark, that are mostly “under the hood”.

Check them out:

This is a change I really like. The more blue and orange there is, the better.

It’s also the tenth season of play at Citi Field, so it’s about time to see some of these cosmetic changes appear.

Another interesting change comes from the dugouts. This one, admittedly, is a little odd. Every year since the early 2000’s, New Era has sponsored the dugouts. This year, however, Toyota is getting in on the dugout sponsorship, and it looks a little pale.

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