Three Reasons Why I’m Excited to Watch Opening Day from Home

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.13.40 PM

As I mentioned previously, I will not be in attendance on Opening Day. It is a first for me since the 2011 season.

Essentially, the combination of a high price tag and a busy schedule are keeping me home, but as I’ve reflected over the decision, I’m trying to justify if I did anything wrong. Is there any problem with watching the game at home? Sure, the atmosphere is different, and it’s hard to truly launch into the season without hearing that first Let’s Go Mets chant, but there are some nice perks about watching the game from the couch.

1. I Have $260 in my Pocket

This is still the best thing about not going to Opening Day. I’ve already purchased tickets to multiple games in 2018, and I haven’t come close to the $260 that I was willing to fork over for Opening Day tickets.

I do think that Opening Day is worth an additional sum, but if you aren’t going to go, it is comforting knowing that you saved a lot of money.

2. Having a Fantastic Broadcast to Listen to

This one is easy. There is no better broadcast than an SNY broadcast, and listening to the sweet sound of Gary, Keith and Ron isn’t a bad alternative to being at the game. It’ll be especially nice to hear Gary Cohen, who has been calling NCAA Basketball games for the better part of Spring Training, so there will be a lot of new insight.

3. I can Stop Worrying about the Weather

Weather and Opening Day is always a sensitive issue. There has been rain in the forecast that has been on and off for about a week, but it doesn’t look like there will be any sun. Instead, my first game will be on Sunday, a sunny 60 degree day. That (to me) sounds much better.


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