MLB Releases Special Holidays Uniforms for 2018

You know when you know your really, and I mean really close to Baseball season?

When we are talking about special event uniforms for the summer, that’s when.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the subject for today’s entry. Like the last three years, the four holidays will have some sort of special event cap and/or uniform to wear during the game. Optional Stance socks will also be available for the players to wear.

This year, however, things are considerably more conservative. The dull colorless-uniforms on Mother’s and Father’s Day are gone. Classic league patches are back, and much more.


First, let’s take a look at the Mother’s and Father’s Day caps, which no longer be worn over the weekend (it’s now back to just the Sunday.)

These caps are a huge improvement over previous years, thanks to the inclusion of team colors (blue for the Mets). I assume next year will feature similar caps, with the team color and the holiday color inverted. I just might purchase the Mother’s Day cap, it’s that nice.

Here’s the Memorial Day and Independence Day caps:

While not a fan of the Memorial Day caps (they are bland and dark), I quite like the Independence Day caps, featuring the league logo, something the Chicago Cubs have on their alternate uniform. That is a very, very nice touch, in my opinion.

Another fantastic thing about these caps is that they will be using real embroidery, not the cheaper chrome alternative that we’ve seen through Spring Training.


Another improvement in this category, for Mother’s and Father’s Day, uniform will be returning to simple ribbons on the classic uniform. I’m a big fan of this, and it makes those aforementioned caps pop even more.

Memorial Day (which will still be celebrated over the weekend) will still have a dedicated uniform, as will Independence Day. I’m not a fan of either one of these, and I hope next year, with Under Armour taking over the uniform deal, they will not do anything too special.


This is a vast improvement over the previous iterations of these designs. Like always, proceeds go to the appropriate charities, so there is an incentive to purchase them when available, and the designs are more conservative as a whole this year, so that is easier to do.


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