MetsPlus featured on C70’s Playing Pepper

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Every year since 2009, my friends over at Cardinals Conclave have been doing a series called “playing pepper”. The name holds some historical importance to me, as long-time readers of this blog might remember that the original name of this blog was “Pepper: MLB Blog” and later “Pepper Mets Blog”, before becoming “MetsPlus” in 2015.

For the last few years, our lead writer Niko Goutakolis (speaking as if there are other writers on MetsPlus, which there aren’t) has been featured in the Mets version of the playing pepper series, and this year is no different. Other fantastic Mets writers were also featured, some of whom you might recognize:

Writer Site Twitter
Mack Ade Mack’s Mets JohnMackinAde
AC Wayne Second Class Citizens (podcast) publicrecord
Paul Hadsall Paul Paul_Hadsall
Greg Prince Faith and Fear in Flushing greg_prince
Matthew Lug Collect The Mets CollectTheMets
Michael Ganci The Daily Stache dailystache
Jon Lewin Subway Squawkers subwaysquawkers
Niko Goutakolis Mets Plus NikoMetsPlus
Chris McShane Amazin’ Avenue chrismcshane

I highly encourage you all to give the post a read here.


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