WATCH: Mike Piazza Angry Over….. Italian Rent?

This is one of the stranger video’s I’ve seen.

The video, which features Mike Piazza, the owner of the AC Reggiana, a low-level Italian football (soccer) club, getting quite heated during a press conference, as he discusses the abnormal rent and un-fair criticism from the locals and from the local government, including the mayor.

Watch the video for yourself:


“I’m tired and sick of Reggiana being pushed around,” Piazza said. “I am frustrated, and I’m frigging pissed off.”

Do those sound like words Piazza would say? Well, maybe. Everyone has an angry side, but it really is surreal to see Mike, who was immortalized by Major League Baseball less than two seasons ago, seem so devastated by the issues plaguing his low-level Italian football team.

I guess you put your mouth where your money is?


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