Who Was Your All-Time Favorite Met?

Mets Plus

I get asked this question every time someone talks to me about my Mets fanhood. The conversation usually goes like this:

Random Guy: “Cool shirt. You a Mets fan?”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been a Mets fan all my life, how about yourself?”

Random Guy: “Eh, yeah, my father was a big Mets fan, so I’m kind of one too, who’s your favorite player?”

Me: “All-Time or Current”

Random Guy: “I don’t know….. all time?”

At this point I always stop and think. Typically, I only answer with players that I’ve actually seen watch, while Tom Seaver was a fantastic pitcher, and older fans that I’ve spoken to praise him to the ends of the world, I can’t call him “my favorite” as I never actually saw him pitch in real time.

So, I’m only counting players from 2004 and on.

For all time, the answer is tougher. It’s down to 

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