Month: March 2018

Mets to add Rusty Staub Patch for all Remaining Games

This is a nice touch. To commemorate the life legacy of “Le Grande Orange”, Rusty Staub, the Mets have decided to add a patch to be worn for all remaining Mets games this year. The patch, which will be opposite the Mets skyline patch, features Rusty’s signature in orange on

Mets 2018 Walk Up Music

Since we talked about Alex Anthony yesterday (any updates on that situation will be posted) I thought we should stick on the same topic of stadium audio with one of the more pleasurable aspects of the ballpark experience: Listening to the players walk up songs! There is a good mix

Alex Anthony, Mets PA Announcer, Dismissed after 15 Seasons

Photo Credit: Gary Dunaier  This is very troubling news. The longest tenured Mets PA Announcer, Alex Anthony, the stadium voice of the Orange & Blue, has been “dismissed”, according to New York Post beat writer Mike Puma. Puma also indicates that the Mets are on the search for a new

Rest In Piece, Rusty Staub

This is a very sad story for the morning of Opening Day. Everyone’s favorite Met, “Le Grand Orange”, Rusty Staub, has passed away. Rusty was 73 when he made his transition early Thursday morning. Stub’s legacy has always been prominent with the Mets fan base and will be immediately felt

#LinksAboutHim: Opening Day Edition

Welcome to a very special #LinksAboutHim. Today, we are not talking about a person, but about an event. The event that is better than Christmas, Easter and your birthday put together. It’s Opening Day! Be sure to share your posts with me on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus.  The folks at Amazin Avenue share the lineup and

WATCH: Four Aces, Callaway, Meet the Media

LIVE: Callaway meets the media at Citi Field — SNY (@SNYtv) March 28, 2018

As Seen on Twitter: Cosmetic Changes at Citi Field

Tomorrow’s Opening Day, and, thanks to the workout day this afternoon, we are seeing some interesting cosmetic changes to the ballpark, that are mostly “under the hood”. Check them out: The Mets redecorated their clubhouse, painting it bright blue and orange instead of their usual beige, with murals of past

Three Reasons Why I’m Excited to Watch Opening Day from Home

As I mentioned previously, I will not be in attendance on Opening Day. It is a first for me since the 2011 season. Essentially, the combination of a high price tag and a busy schedule are keeping me home, but as I’ve reflected over the decision, I’m trying to justify

I Will Not Attend Opening Day

No, I’m not protesting. For the first time since 2011, I’m going to be watching the home opener for the Mets from  the comforts of my home, in Astoria, New York. While I’d love to be at the game, I can’t justify the $80 price tag (per person, and my

The Secret to Avoiding Mets Fees, Everytime

Baseball season is upon us, and many of us fans are buying our tickets to watch the Amazin’s. You listen to the commercials and head over to the Mets ticketing website, You look for a game that you are interested in, and see that tickets “start from $15”. You

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