February 28th, 2018

I’m In Florida for Spring Training, but There is a Caveat…..

….. I’m sick.


And it’s a shame too. I’m thinking back at all those Winter days where I had nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs, when I was 100% healthy, and now, when I want to enjoy the warm air and the breeze, I’ll be watching the game under the weather.

Of course, I had been extremely lucky over the years. There have only been a few instances when I’ve gotten sick at a bad time, and I really can’t control it beyond washing my hands as much as I can, so I’m really just out of luck.

I’m still going to be going to the game tomorrow and the day after that, but I won’t be enjoying it as much, which is a shame for me, and a shame for the blog. Hopefully this is just one of those common colds that goes away in 24 hours (which I’ve gotten before) and not something more.

Anyway, I’m here, and I’ll be tweeting during the game tomorrow (@NikoMetsPlus) and posting a recap afterwards, so watch out for that!

Club Mets 2018 Memberships Available

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 12.45.17 PM

Since 2016, I’ve been a Club Mets member. The membership has cost $19 since I joined, and while there are a lot of pointless benefits, you do get two complementary tickets for any non-Saturday non-Opening Day game. So, if you use the ticket voucher wisely, that easily negates the $19 price tag, so a membership, in my opinion, is worth it.

This year, there is going to be a slight change for the Club Mets membership, instead of one membership, there will be two “tiers” of memberships. The regular membership, called the “Standard” membership, will cost $19.95, and will include all the basic amenities of the membership and will include Gameday Audio.

Additionally, there will be a brand new “Club Mets with At Bat Premium” level. This will include everything included in the standard level and a free At Bat subscription, for only ten bucks more at $30.95.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 4.38.38 PM

I truly believe that the membership is worth it. You get a Citi Field Scoreboard message and two tickets, which is pretty much all you’ll get for the $19. I will renew for the $19 standard membership, as I already have MLB.TV.

If you do not have a Club Mets membership, I’d recommend getting one here.