Mets make Slight Alteration to 2018 Uniforms

Back in November, the Mets (as well as the rest of Major League Baseball) announced the new caps that will be worn for all non-regular season game events (Spring Training, Batting Practice, etc.)

I even wrote a blog entry about it, which you can check out here.

Well, I was fairly confident that we were done with the modifications for the 2018 Mets uniforms, but it turns out there is one additional change that no one seems to notice, and it involves the batting practice (3/4’s) jersey.

Last year, the uniforms were introduced league-wide, with some teams putting names and numbers on the back, and some others using some alternate combination. For the Mets, they chose to leave the names off the jersey, but also include the numbers on the side of the jerseys.

This year, the Mets have removed the number off the back of the uniform as well, which leaves the back of the jersey empty, with the side being the sole location of the numbers.

What are your thoughts of the alteration? Let me know down below or on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus


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