Todd’s (On) Point

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.53.25 PM

This offseason, over 60% of declared Free Agents remain un-signed mere hours before pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report, the players union is threatening to strike, and teams are being as conservative as ever.

For the Mets, however, what was a slow start to the offseason has turned into a nice one for Alderson, capped of with the signing of Todd Frazier. In fairness, the Mets grabbed Frazier for just $17 million over two years, a steal in the overall scheme of things, but a reality in the hot stove that has truly crawled.

“Profligate,” “I think we’ve tried to be opportunistic,” said Alderson during the press conference introducing #21 (Frazier) “Some opportunities arose for us that probably would not have been expected right after the end of the World Series.”

I’m a big signing of the move, and I think that this truly is the cornerstone player that the Mets needed. It’s not a long-term commitment, and Todd was not the best ballplayer on the free agent market, but for the Mets, this was a fantastic pick-up.

The Mets could have very easily budged a little earlier in the offseason and signed Nunez to a comparable deal in terms of financials, but Alderson rolled the dice and was patient, like he always is, and it worked.

I still have hope that the Mets can pick up a Lynn or a Cobb, but if they don’t, I’ll still feel comfortable with the team we have going in. Health is always the most important caveat in Baseball, but if the Mets can stay relatively healthy, they have a complete team as is.



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