What’s your favorite Citi Field Burger?

SA few days ago, The 7 Line tweeted out a poll for their popular show, “It’s an Orange and Blue Thing Podcast”. The poll inquired about favorite culinary options at the ballpark.

As you can see, the four options were a burger, a hot dog, pizza and chicken fingers. None of those options are fairly healthy, and, in the case of the “burger”, it wasn’t very specific. I went on to reply that there are in fact five different burger outlets at Citi Field, and that’s not including the clubs with a la carte dining, which also include a burger called the “Miracle Met Cheeseburger”.

Of course, a conversation about the Mets and burgers isn’t complete without talking about the infamous bison burger known as the “Harvey Burger”:

So what is my favorite burger at Citi Field, considering that I’ve tried them all over the past 10 seasons at our new home? I’d have to go with Shake Shack as an old favorite. There is nothing more consistently good like a Cheeseburger from Shake Shack with crinkle cut fries. Of course, the borderline ridiculous liens that usually forms thirty minutes before first pitch makes Shake Shack a place to avoid once the game starts.

If Shake Shack isn’t your thing, then Nathan’s and LaFrieda’s won’t be either, and I’d head to Keith’s Grill. There, you can choose from two different styles of burger, which comes with chips and a tootsie roll. If one wants something even more opulent, then the Acela Club has a fairly good (but awfully expensive) burger.

What’s your favorite bite to eat at the ballpark, is it a burger? Let me know down below.


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