Do I still have hope for David Wright in 2018?


While the Mets haven’t done much outside of significantly improving the coaching staff this offseason, there has been some traction recently when it comes to the free agent market.

Specifically, General Manager Sandy Alderson has expressed interest in re-signing Jay Bruce, Addison Reed, and signing long-time Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas or maybe Todd Frazier.

Now, these rumors are, just rumors, but this is the first time in my time as a Mets fan (now 12 years) that I’ve seen the team try to acquire a legitimate third baseman. And the reason that has been the case for the past decade and a half is that David Wright has been the Mets hot corner.

Three years ago, it would be insulting to even consider going after a journeyman third baseman, but that’s all changed, since David has only played a couple dozen games in those three lost seasons for him.

While the majority of the Mets fans perception of David is still really, really, high, and his t-shirt still sells very well at the Modell’s and at the Team Store, it’s no secret that injuries have totally de-railed his career, and every time he builds up strength and gets back out there, something else sidelines him. Through all of these injuries I have been and will continue to be supportive and hopeful that we’ll see him in a uniform again on the field, and I don’t blame him at all for trying to do his job, which is play baseball. He has a family to support, and might have kids and grandkids that he’d like to help out as well. Sure, he makes good money, why not collect the salary from the Wilpons and the insurance?

So, I’ll still root for Wright for right now. I hear all the calls that he should retire, some of them are probably warranted, but he’s earned the right through his time here to call it quits when he wants to, and it looks like he has no intention of stopping now.




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