Last Call for the Queens Baseball Convention

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.39.34 PM

Two weeks from now, and three blocks from my home, Mets fans will gather in Astoria, NY, specifically Katch Pub & Grill (located on Newton Ave and 31st street) to see former Mets, current Mets and even some familiar faces far and wide that are usually only seen at the ballpark in the summer and on social media.

I’ve gone to all of the QBC’s that were not cancelled by a blizzard so far, and I can truly say they are a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, my work constraints will prohibit me from going this year; which is a shame. So, instead of writing about why you should feel pity for me (which you shouldn’t, I genuinely enjoy my weekend job) I will spend this blog post soliciting for the remaining tickets that are still on sale.

As of this writing, the only ticket still available is the Admission + Two Autographs level for $65. Previously, tickets were available at the door, but that seems unlikely given how fast these tickets have gone.

Grab yours here, and see the full schedule and info on the official website here.

(P.S. Someone please record the Uni Talk panel so I can watch it at home).



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