#MetsPlus360: Day One at the Winter Meetings

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On Monday, once I got out of the plane and into an Uber towards Buena Vista, I knew it was going to be a good week.

The first thing I noticed is how we were not in a colder destination, like Nashville or National Harbor (Washington D.C). Walking out with a simple polo shirt was far superior to a thick coat, and is a fantastic escape.

Additionally, while the Meetings are all inside, they are in two separate buildings. The Trade Show and Job Fair are in the Disney Dolphin Resort, and the Meetings and Registration are located in the Disney Swan Resort. To get between the two properties, you have to walk over this bridge (of sorts). I’m told that this bridge is usually a hotspot filled with families and kids, but is instead filled with reporters and young hopefuls for the meetings.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.12.35 PM

The registration counter was a breeze, and everyone from Minor League Baseball who was running the show was so helpful and kind. Within a few minutes I was all set to go.

The design of the logo features Red, Purple and Yellow as a color scheme, with surprisingly works extremely well, which was somewhat unexpected when I first saw the logo. The alternate logo features a wizard as a pitcher and as a batter, which is also cool.

To eat, there are about seven dining options in both venues combined. The most popular eatery was the Fountain, a casual eatery located right next to the Job Fair, which had a 30-40 minute wait.

I wasn’t lying in my tweet, there were at least 10-15 reporters that you would see on MLB Network there, but with an exorbitant wait time, and the beautiful weather, I ate at the Cabana Grill outside, and had a nice burger instead.

After lunch, I walked around, networked with a few individuals I met in last years meetings, and got ready for Tuesdays trade show with my Buyer’s Guide in-hand.

Tomorrow on MetsPlus, catch Part 1 of my inside look at the Baseball Trade Show. 

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