#MetsPlusMeetings: Should the Mets Trade Harvey


When Matt Harvey first bursted on the scene in New York, he was the talk of the town. He was on Kimmel one day, Fallon the next, and then starting the All Star Game the day after that. 2013 Harvey was the talk of the town, and even after his year long absence in 2014, there was so much energy in his 2015 return.

Just two years later, after Harvey botched the ninth inning of Game 5 of the World Series,  Harvey is at rock bottom. On top of a 6.70 ERA and a career high 21 homeruns allowed and 47 walks, Harvey was also accused of skipping games, showing up late to practices, which forced the Mets to bring names like Adam Wilk (who?) across the country on six hours notice.

Of course, late in the season, Harvey promised to clean up his image, and even attended events as a representative of the Mets, like the Syracuse Chiefs announcement.


Today, at the Winter Meetings, I heard a lot of rumblings about the possibility of Harvey being traded for a reliever, or a low-list position player like Jurickson Profar.

“They are willing to move him,” one CBS source said, “and they said they wanted to try and flip him for a reliever. They seemed more willing to move him then (Robert) Gsellman or (Seth) Lugo.”

Here’s @SNYtv’s reaction to the trade rumors:

Now look, I’m not a huge Harvey fan, and I don’t think he’ll be in a Met uniform long term. With that being said, I think with so much emphasis being put into this new coaching staff (Mickey Callaway and Dave Eiland) it’d be a shame to not see if they can do something with Harvey that Warthen couldn’t do.

Of course, if the return was better than what it is, I’d be inclined, but right now there is no market for Harvey, so let’s not run him out of town….. yet.


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