Book a Citi Field Tour This Offseason

Today, as I was driving through the Whitestone Express, I passed Citi Field, adorned with LCD screens advertising ticket sales for the 2018 season.

And, while, most people might wait until Opening Day to make the trip to Willets Point, there is something fun that one can do during the offseason rather inexpensively. Something that you can’t even pay for during the regular season, a private tour.

I’ve taken a Citi Field Tour before, most recently in 2016. The tour was a lot of fun, as we saw a lot of areas of the park that the general public doesn’t get to see, like the dugout, the press box, the media press conference room and even the clubhouse.

Additionally, both of the tour guides that I’ve had over the tours (Mike and Jose) have been awesome and super responsive to all of the questions that I’ve had (and I’ve been known to ask a few).

One thing I never thought of when I took the tours, however, is how awesome a tour would be as a Christmas/Holiday present. Tickets start at $13 for adults, and are $9 for children and seniors. Tickets are also free for season ticket members, that can be redeemed through the season ticket online channels.

Each ticket comes with a small little giveaway like a keychain and of course you get to keep a ticket stub as a memento.

Additional information can be found here on the Mets website.


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