Who Was Your All-Time Favorite Met?

I get asked this question every time someone talks to me about my Mets fanhood. The conversation usually goes like this:

Random Guy: “Cool shirt. You a Mets fan?”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been a Mets fan all my life, how about yourself?”

Random Guy: “Eh, yeah, my father was a big Mets fan, so I’m kind of one too, who’s your favorite player?”

Me: “All-Time or Current”

Random Guy: “I don’t know….. all time?”

At this point I always stop and think. Typically, I only answer with players that I’ve actually seen watch, while Tom Seaver was a fantastic pitcher, and older fans that I’ve spoken to praise him to the ends of the world, I can’t call him “my favorite” as I never actually saw him pitch in real time.

So, I’m only counting players from 2004 and on.

For all time, the answer is tougher. It’s down to R.A Dickey and Daniel Murphy.

If I was forced to answer between the two of them, I think I’d go with Murphy, only because I remember him playing with the Brooklyn Cyclones, and is a homegrown Met. Between the two of them, their personalities alone made them super likable players that you wanted to root for. Not saying I don’t root for Cespedes, but I find myself rooting for the Blue and Orange jersey, not the person, which is important to me.

Of course, R.A and Daniel both had breakout season during their last year in the Orange and Blue, and I hope we will see both of them in Queens again.

By the way, if you are looking for a good present for Christmas and you want it to be Baseball oriented, I highly recommend R.A’s book, Throwing Strikes, available here.

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