#MetsPlus360: Picture Blog of the NL Wild Card Game

Mets Plus

Two nights ago, the Mets fell to the Giants in the 2016 National League Wild Card Game. Here is a personal recap of the night:

Waking up on Wednesday Morning, I had no tickets for the Wild Card game, but I had a fairly good feeling that I was going to find a way to get tickets to the game.

citi field exterior shot.jpg Exterior shot of Citi Field on gameday

Through one of my relatives connections, we were able to purchase three tickets from Sterling Equities in Section 332, and for those that don’t know, that is a seat on the third base side of the Excelsior Level. So, I walked into the stadium with my mobile tickets (which are convenient, as you only really need your phone until you walk through the gate, as the machine at the game automatically prints out a ticket slip once you scan your phone.)

mets kiosk esh ticket recipt.jpg While this…

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