November 26th, 2017

Top 5 Mets Christmas Themed Items For Sale

Merry Christmas, ladies and gentleman?!?!


Ok, maybe it’s a little to early for that. But the sounds of the seasons are coming around, and Christmas shopping is well underway at the department stores and shops.

For a Mets fan, however, any regular Christmas gift just won’t cut it, so today we are going to look at some of the top presents decked out in the Orange and Blue that we all love, from some of the different Mets online retailers.

(Note, this post is not intended as a Christmas Gift Guide, nor is it sponsored by any of the retailers or manufactures listed below, these are simply my favorite Christmas/Holiday themed items for sale)

5. Aztec Scarf & Gloves Set – $14.99 – Fanatics 


4. Mets Snowman Ornament – $11.99 – Amazon 


3. Mets Royal Candy Cane Repeat Sweater – $69.99 – MLB Shop 


2. A Very Jerry Christmas – The 7 Line – $42.00 


1. Mets Festive Trapper – T7L x New Era