On Hiatus…. Officially

Happy Halloween!

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As you can see from the title, this is not a standard post; today I wanted to discuss my blog, and my in-activity throughout my platforms.

First off, I wanted to share that I’m not a fan of “personal” reasons. Whenever someone quotes “personal” reasons for their hiccups, I generally pass it off as laziness, but after this last week, I understand what “personal” means.

Outside of other super personal concerns, we are in the process of moving to Queens, specifically Astoria, which is nice, but is also a lot of work. Additionally, I have a great weekend job and a good amount of work for college, so I admit I’m a bit sidetracked.

I do have some great features coming up, including a review and interview with the staff of the Otesaga Resort Hotel, and MetsPlus will be at the Winter Meetings this year, and of course, the long talked about “MetsPlus 2.0 and Niko’s Travel Blog” launch is still set for January 1st, but that is becoming less and less firm.

I suppose part of the balance is trying to figure out what is more important. Obviously, my family comes first, so assisting them with the move and other arising concerns is my top priority, as is my job, but my college is where is gets tricky. I’m chasing a degree in the media field (journalism/tv/radio), so I obviously need to complete the requirements there, but that time is increasingly filling up the blog time. My hope is that when the move is complete, then I will devote that time to the blog.

However, there is an obvious hole there, which is the fact that if anything else arises, in order to keep up with the requisites, I will have to again temporarily slow down the blog, so, expanding the blog on January 1st becomes an impossible task.

Anyway, I bet none of you care about this, and I will bury this post once it is up, but it does help when you write it down, and, when you have 100% control over your own blog, one has that luxury!


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