#ThePlusInMetsPlus: Review of the Cooper Inn (Part 2)

Last time, on #ThePlusInMetsPlus, we were introduced to the Cooper Inn, the beautiful downtown inn in the heart of Cooperstown, New York. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 7.13.20 PM

Today, I’m going to finish the review, and give my final thoughts. 

The room itself was nice, and the views were even better. As previously mentioned, we got a front facing suite, thanks to Kenneth, and it was extremely cozy and welcoming.

The breakfast set-up was very nice in the morning. While it was described as a continental breakfast, it offered way more than just the basics. Waffles, fruits and an array of pastries and grains were on offer, and there was an impressive selection of juices and teas were as well.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 5.33.47 PM.png

The service was also very charming, and attentive to any needs. The one main issue was the coffee. Instead of a typical drip coffee machine, they had single service Keurig coffee, which broke down every five minutes, which drew the attention of the attendant.

So, what are my final thoughts?

Well, the Cooper Inn is a beautiful small inn to stay at when in Cooperstown. Unlike it’s big brother, the Otesaga, it is open year-round, and has great deals compared to the Otesaga (mid-week rates start in the low $100s during the late Fall, with Breakfast and the Evening Wine service included).

That being said, if Cooperstown is a once-in-a-lifetime destination, then I recommend staying at the Otesaga. The Cooper Inn is a fantastic historical property, but there is so much glamour and intrigue at the Otesaga, that it would be a shame to not stay there during your trip.



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