#ThePlusInMetsPlus Introduction: A Weekend In Cooperstown

This past weekend, to celebrate the end of the 2017 season, my family and I went to Cooperstown, NY to see some early foliage and get out of New York City.

However, this trip wasn’t going to be a normal one, instead, I documented my experience into a series of journals for #ThePlusInMetsPlus. The report will be broken down into three unique features, which I will talk about briefly here.

Part 1: Cooper Inn Hotel Review

The Cooper Inn was my choice for lodging during this trip, a sister property of the Otesaga Hotel & Resort. In this review, I discuss the features of the property, it’s rooms, breakfast, and why it’s good for your money.

Part 2: The Leatherstocking Tale of the Otesaga Hotel & Resort

One of the most prestigious resorts anywhere in the United States, the Otesaga Hotel & Resort is a must visit for anyone in Cooperstown. We spoke to the Otesaga and toured the property.

Part 3: Outside of the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown.

While the Hall of Fame is a staple of the village of Cooperstown, there is so much more that makes this town a hidden gem in New York.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many of these #TPIMP Trip Journals, something I plan to do in the Winter Meetings in Orlando this December.

If you have any comments or questions on Cooperstown, feel free to tweet me anytime @NikoMetsPlus, or, for a formal response, you can email me at Niko@MetsPlus.com.


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