Nationals Clinch NL East in 2017

To end 2017 on the worst note possible, the Nationals won the NL East. The year that some predicted would be the best year in Mets history had turned into one of the absolute worst, and Daniel Murphy and the Nationals will be heading into the postseason with the National League East crown over their heads.

This obviously comes at no surprise, as it has been evident since May that the Mets weren’t up to the challenge, and the Nationals, while not perfect, had no issues claiming the title.

This has been a really tough year to be a Mets fan, one of the worst years I can remember. However, we have to go out there, root on the Mets, and go through these down periods if we want to enjoy the good times. That’s baseball, if it was predictable, we wouldn’t watch. So go out there and root on the Mets this last homestand, or root from your couch. It’ll be a long winter ahead of us, and over hald a year until we see the Mets play exhibition games in Port St. Lucie.

It’s time to throw 2017 out the window, and get behind #Mets2018. 


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