Mets sign Nori Aoki

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals

Nori, or Norichika, Aoki is probably the definition of a journeyman. Since he came over from Japan in 2012, he has played for six different teams, and now, starting this afternoon, he will be a New York Met.

Aoki is a career 285 hitter, with with 33 home runs and 93 stolen bases. More importantly, he is a contact hitter that doesn’t strikeout, and doesn’t go for the long ball, something that the Mets could use dearly.

One might be wondering why the Mets are signing a journeyman, well, as’s Anthony DiComo, points out, Aoki still has a year of team control, so this is mainly a move for 2018:

Welcome aboard, Mr.Aoki! Looking forward to seeing your style of play.


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