Month: September 2017

The Mets Ownership is Pulling a Cheap Trick……

I don’t usually talk about ownership here on MetsPlus, but after watching the drama over Terry Collins impending departure, I feel like I have to at least share my thoughts, even if it’s not pro-Mets in the least. First, as I’ve stated many times to Twitter, I’m not a huge Terry Collins

Mets Intro Montage 2017

Here is the Mets Intro Montage for the 2017. This is played prior to the Mets taking the field.

#MetsPlus360: Meaningless Games in September at Citi

This past Friday evening, with absolutely no plans (yes, I do have a social life, I do appreciate your concern, though) I decided going to the Mets game (by myself) would be a fun activity. Typically, I don’t go to games by myself, I’ve only gone by myself two or

Catch up on the SNY Veteran of the Game

A longstanding tradition at Mets games is the Veteran of the Game, presented by FirstData. Typically, the Veteran of the Game is announced during the middle of the fourth inning, and is occasionally broadcasted on either SNY or PIX 11, if the time permits. And while not everyone cares for

#ThePlusInMetsPlus: Redeeming my Miles another way…..

On today’s #ThePlusInMetsPlus, we take a break from the Baseball to talk about Golf. Not to farfetched, right? Well, what does Golf have to do with Frequent Flyer Miles? Read on to find out!   Baseball is my favorite sport. Aside from Baseball, I like Hockey, Golf and Tennis, and Football when

Top 5 All-Time Posts on MetsPlus will officially be leaving, in two days. And before that happens, I wanted to share with you my Top 5 all-time posts on, since we joined in April of 2014. There are a LOT of posts that I’ve written over the past few years that I’m extremely

Should you get a Mets 2018 Plan?

Per usual in September, the Mets have been bombarding me with emails and flyers suggesting that I sign-up for a 2018 Mets ticket plan. During the last homestand, while making my way around the ballpark, two ticket reps openly walked up to me and basically pleaded with me to sign

Nationals Clinch NL East in 2017

To end 2017 on the worst note possible, the Nationals won the NL East. The year that some predicted would be the best year in Mets history had turned into one of the absolute worst, and Daniel Murphy and the Nationals will be heading into the postseason with the National

Citi Field netting could be further expanded to the Foul Poles

Originally posted on Mets Plus:
This is absurdity at it’s best. Shannon Shark of, shared this New York Times article that came out yesterday over the state of protective netting at New York stadiums. In brief, the article talks about how Terry Collins and Jay Bruce support their employers  decision… Mets August 2017 Uniform Recap

For the first time in a while, there is quite a bit of Blue! Here is a breakdown of the Mets August uniforms: Home White Pinstripes: 11 games out of 14.  Paired with Primary cap. Blue Home Alternate: 3 game out of 14.  Paired with Home Alt cap. Road Grey:

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