August 25th, 2017

Why Not Call-Up Tim Tebow?

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Ok, I’ll say it: It’s time to call Tim Tebow up to the Major Leagues.

But first, some backstory: Have any of you ever watched the movie Mr.3000?

If you haven’t, it revolves around a veteran player, Stan Ross, who retires after getting 3,000 hits, only to find out that there was a statistical error, and he only recorded 2,997. Without ruining the movie, he decides to come back in hopes of getting those last three hits as a Milwaukee Brewer (who, in the movie, are in last place). Along the way, fans find reason to come out to the ballpark, and the once empty Miller Park sells-out on a daily basis to see Stan record his 3,000 hit.

Now, what does that have to do with Tim Tebow?

Well, take a look at this photo I took at yesterday’s August matinee game versus the Arizona Diamondbacks:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.58.34 PM.png

Yes, this is the outfield, but it’s ridiculously empty. So empty, that I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like on a cold September night when the Mets are playing the Phillies or the Braves.

Even at home, in the luxury of my couch, I find myself flipping the channel ofF SNY by the third inning, tired of watching Chris Flexen fall behind hitters, only to lead to another loss. Obviously, this is natural, and not unique to me. It’s a lost season, and while it’s nice to see Rosario and Smith, it’s hard to devote your entire evening to prospects making progress, while watching pennant chase Baseball is obviously more fun.

Now, let me share this other possibility. Instead of 5,000+ crowds during Mets vs. Phillies, imagine the crowds and the excitement around Tim Tebow’s major league call-up. Yes, this would be a total publicity stunt, but, why not? Baseball is a business providing entertainment, and, this September will not be very entertaining.

With Conforto down, and Bruce and Granderson traded, you wouldn’t necessarily be withholding anyone from getting the needed playing time, so I really don’t see why the Mets shouldn’t do this. Yes, it would be one of the strangest things to happen in Baseball in a long time, but it would make September baseball fun in Queens, so I’m all for it.

It would be a win-win for the Mets, as their ticket sales would soar, and people would be purchasing a lot of Tebow merchandise. And, for the fans, it would be something exciting to watch and follow, and there couldn’t be a better guy to watch and follow than Tim Tebow.

So I ask, why not?

Is There any Scenario Where Terry Collins Should Stay in 2018?


Yesterday, Baseball analyst Jon Heyman wrote an article on the Fan Rag Sports Blog entitled “The Tea Leaves Don’t Look Good for Terry Collins”, where he elaborates on the fact that most of the organization and fanbase likes Terry, however, all signs are indicating that the Mets will not renew his contract, even though there is no direct evidence.

Despite the cryptic wording, I think that Heyman is correct in that Collins will not come back in 2018. While Collins will leave a lasting impression on Mets fans for years to come, it’s no secret his managerial regime is become awfully tired. Even if it’s just psychological, there is the feeling emulating from the clubhouse that he is on the way out, and keeping him around for any longer would seem to prevent the Mets from “turning the new leaf” that they want to do as quickly as possible before their window of opportunity closes.

On the flip side, though, while it would make sense to remove Collins as quickly as possible to get the players aquatinted with a new manager, I believe Collins, who took the Mets to the world series and consecutive postseasons, has earned the right to finish out his year, and that’s why nothing is confirmable from the front office.

Either way, I’d like to thank Terry for his guidance and taking the team to their fifth National League championship, despite the shortcomings, everyone can agree that Terry was a favorite in the clubhouse and in the organization, and his work is appreciated.