Mets Little League Classic Uniform Thoughts

This weekend, as part of the “Players Weekend” in Major League Baseball, all 30 MLB Teams will be sporting special caps and uniforms. Pretty much every team is wearing an off-beat neon variation of their Spring Training uniforms, oh, and all tops are pullovers.

Here’s a look at the Mets uniform set, with all of the nicknames:


At first glace, I thought this was poorly timed, considering this was late August baseball, and this type of uniform set is glaring even for March, however, after it was explained to me that this was coordinated in tandem with the championship game of the Little League World Series (something I rarely ever watch….) it made considerably more sense why this weekend was chosen, but I still wasn’t a huge fan of the uniforms, as I thought their were considerably more discrete ways to celebrate Little League.

So, I took to Twitter once again to get the opinions of #MetsTwitter, and generally I think everyone’s responses were on-base.

The most common response was an approval of the uniforms and a thumbs down towards the caps:

Frankly, I agree with that. The blue on the cap is like a neon teal-ish blue, which looks off when talking about the Mets. I do think that it won’t look as bad during a day game, but under the lights, when the uniform looks dark, the mis-match will be fairly evident.

What are your thoughts on the Mets Little League style players uniforms? Leave them in the comments below or share via Twitter @NikoMetsPlus.


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